Lean Business Services

Towards a smart health ecosystem

About US

We are a business government company, inaugurated to serve as a hub that link all relevant entities in the health sector. Relying on our vision in Lean, we are determined to achieve a smart health system by raising performance efficiency and effectiveness, and to activate communication among the system’s members in government and private sectors.


Our Services

At Lean, we believe that collaboration across all system sectors is the first step to achieve optimal healthcare. The exchange of capabilities and expertise can overcome all the challenges that may stand in the way of our ambitions. We attain this aim by providing a range of solutions and services.

  • E-Services

    Moving the health ecosystem forward through continues development of electronic services and creating innovative tools to enhance the customer experience.

  • Process Optimization
    Process Optimization

    Innovating process optimization solutions that address all aspects of client needs ranging from policy making to operation manual by applying global standards to ensure reaching efficiency.

  • Data analytics
    Data analytics

    Transforming traditional data into actionable insights by delivering advanced analytics that can support decision makers to make data driven decisions.

  • Digital Health
    Digital Health

    Elevating the efficiency level of the health ecosystem by providing the latest innovative solutions. We envision to bring the future of health to everyone.

  • Business Efficiency
    Business Efficiency

    Maximizing the organization’s net income by analyzing its processes and procedures to elevate the level of efficiency which will result in higher profit margin.


Our Projects

Lean's aspiration in promoting health development and pursue sustainability formed our projects' aims. From serving the health sector needs and contributing to overcome its challenges, to transforming them into projects that realize the vision 2030.

Practitioner Platform

A platform for health practitioners aimed at providing channels of communication between health practitioners of various specialties and provide services that facilitate their work and raise the level of services provided to patients.

Overall, this platform will help:

  • Registration of health practitioners
  • Issuance of electronic medical prescriptions
  • Patient medication history
  • Ensure that prescriptions are issued by practitioners are authorized by the Medical Specialties Board.
الصحية الخدمات منصة

Seha Platform

Seha is a platform built to help integrate all procedures and facilitate all services within the health sector, targeting all healthcare providers.

Seha Platform directs all attention to all healthcare providers. It offers a rich package of services that meet their needs and fulfill their aspirations and expectations about e-services to help increase performance quality and reduce costs.

The National Teleradiology Platform

As part of its aim to become the ultimate smart health system, “Lean” works on building and operating the National Teleradiology Platform. A virtual environment designed to exchange radiology test data between hospitals and radiology reporting service providers. The features connect radiologists from the Ministry of Health’s radiology departments with anyone outside of it to provide quality and highly efficient diagnostic medical radiology services.

Health Licensing System

The health licensing system includes several services, such as:

  • Issuing initial approvals for health institutions instantly within 60 seconds.
  • Issuing and renewing licenses for health practitioners in several steps within 30 seconds.
  • Issuing final licensing for health institutions and assign health practitioners.

What distinguishes this system is that it provides easy access to services since it operates 24/7, which will help develop and speed up procedures and approvals

Self-Assessment Program

The self-assessment service is an initiative adopted by the Ministry of Health. It aims to raise quality and safety standards and measures to enhance self-monitoring of private health institutions and pharmacies and it helps in raising awareness on Ministry of Health’s regulations.

Tobacco Control App

A Platform that aims to automate the process of capturing violations (electronically), which will be utilized by the targeted authorities, it also allows the citizens to positively impact the community by increasing awareness and reducing the risks involved in tobacco consumption.

School Health Program

An early detection of diseases program that operates through conducting several medical screenings for school students while performing early medical interventions for detected cases.